Who I Am

Hi, I’m Haroon.

I’m a Senior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill majoring in computer science and data science, interested in a career related to software and tech.

I completed my 2021 Summer internship as a Software Engineer at Microsoft Azure with the AppServices Certificates and Domains Team. I gained valuable experience working on large pre-existing systems, and learned how to work in an agile team environment.

I am interested in both frontend and backend development, and try to expand my skillset as much as possible by traveling to hackathons. I am also beginning to learn more about data science and machine learning, and hope to be able to add both to my skillset soon. Scroll down to projects for more information on what I have been working on.

Apart from coding, I enjoy weightlifting, biking, gaming, playing piano, and reading.


What I specialize in











OS X/Linux






Photoshop/Premiere Pro



Cloud Computing


Amazon Web Services


What I'm studying

Currently, I'm pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science as well as a Statistics and Analytics B.S. at UNC Chapel Hill, with a minor in Hispanic Studies.

  • Introduction to Programming
  • Foundations of Programming
  • Data Structures
  • Practical Web Design and Development
  • Computer Organization
  • Models of Languages and Computation
  • Internet Services and Protocols
  • Security Concepts
  • Files and Databases
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Design Fundamentals
  • Linear Algebra for Applications
  • Calc I/II/III
  • Data Models and Inference
  • Introduction to Probability
  • Methods of Data Analysis
  • Data Science
  • Optimization
  • Stochastic Modeling
  • Sports Analytics
  • Decision Analytics
  • Intermediate Spanish I/II
  • Advanced Spanish in Context
  • Introduction to Literary and Cultural Analysis

What I've done

Software Engineer Intern @ Microsoft Azure May - Aug 2021

Automated the Swagger process using .NET framework. Deployed using Azure Pipelines and DevOps. Active member of the scrum team (AGILE Development).

Software Engineer Intern @ Fidelity Investments Jun - Aug 2020

Developed Alerts (mobile) using Java Spring framework. Migrated servers using Jenkins and IBM UrbanCode Deploy.

Sensei @ CodeNinjas May - Sep 2019

Helped teach programming to kids aged 7-14. Taught Scratch, JavaScript, and Python through the coding of videogames. Also helped code and debug said videogames.

Barista @ Starbucks Jul 2018 - March 2019

Worked in a team to ensure quick and efficient delivery of orders. Ensured customer satisfaction by creating a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Instructor @ Mathnasium Aug 2017 - May 2018

Taught students from kindergarten to 12th grade in complex mathematical problems. A strange but useful skill I picked up was the ability to read and write upside down.

Taekwondo Instructor @ OASIS Project Feb - June 2016

Taught underprivileged elementary students self-defense. Managed a group of around 50-100 students, encouraging self-control and self-discipline.


What I'm up to


AWS Certified Cloud Practictioner

Mastered the fundamentals of cloud computing. Learned the basic AWS systems and infrastructure. Access the certification here.



Utilized the MERN (MongoDB, Express, React/Redux/React-Native, Node) stack to design a server to access a database and create a front end portal to search, update, and delete data from the backend. Read more about it here.


Utilized multiple Google Cloud Platform Technologies, such as Cloud Storage, Cloud Functions, Firebase, and AutoML Vision to create a fully functioning and custom Machine Learning model that easily communicates with our Android app and website portal. Read more about it here.


Utilized the SmartCar API in order to design our own restful API on the backend, which exported Google Maps route data to our frontend app. Utilized Swift to develop the frontend app, which sent HTTP requests to our API to fetch Google Maps route data. Read more about it here.


Treasurer/Player for UNC eSports Organization

Tracking, managing, and raising funds for new events and giveaways. Planning fundraisers and events for the community. Played for UNC at DreamHack Atlanta 2018 on the Fortnite team.

Writer for Technology Stacks Medium Publication

A medium publication that explains software stacks and breaks them down into easily digestible pieces. I used Hercules as an example project to show what can be done with the MERN (MongoDB, Express, React/Redux/React-Native, Node) stack. The publication can be found here.

PackHacks 2019

24 Hour hackathon at North Carolina State University, where I had the opportunity to work as a team to create DermaCare, an app that allowed users to take photos of skin conditions which were forwarded to a machine learning algorithm that established a preliminary diagnosis of their skin condition. Read more about it here.

HackDuke 2019 (Winner of Best SmartCar API Hack)

24 Hour hackathon at Duke University, where I had the opportunity to work as a team to create Chargeo, an app that automatically adds charging stations to your current route when your smart car is projected to be low on battery. Read more about it here.